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Zephyr is known for making visually stunning range hoods that deliver quiet and efficient performance. They take pride in providing our customers with kitchen ventilation options they never thought were possible.
Starting in 2001 with the Torino range hood, Zephyr’s design approach has been to work with leading designers from different walks for life to design and manufacture range hoods that challenge the concept of what a range hood can be.

Designers like Fu-Tung Cheng of Cheng Design in Berkeley, California. Fu-Tung’s passion for designing products that allows the homeowner and designer to be involved in the making of the product. Products like Shade, which was inspired by a book of matches during a working dinner or the Padova which he created as a canvas for the homeowner and designer to customize to their specific taste.

Sir David Lewis a key designer for Bang & Olufsen, a Danish manufacturer of high-end, luxury consumer electronics. Sir Lewis is the creator of stunning architectural range hoods like the Zephyr Concave, Bogart and Samurai.
And Robert Brunner, whose passion for geometry and simplicity informed the Arc Collection by Zephyr. A line of range hoods so daringly simple and complex that it makes people forget that they are in fact looking at a kitchen appliance.

One-of-a-kind and first to market with relevant design innovation, Zephyr always looks towards the future to design timeless range hoods for today’s discerning homeowners.

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